What to Say to an Insurance Adjuster After an Accident

What Not to Say to Insurance Adjusters After a Car Accident

One of the first phone calls you’ll receive after an accident could come from the insurance company of the at-fault driver. However, just because the adjuster wants to speak to you doesn’t mean you should.

Talking to an insurance adjuster may complicate your case and even compromise it. That could make it much more difficult to obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Avoid the mistake many Alabama car accident victims make. Before talking to an adjuster, contact a car accident attorney at Bence Law Firm. We can take over all talks with the insurance company for you. That way, you can focus on what’s really important — getting healthy again.

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What to Say to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

After a traffic accident, you may feel dazed and have difficulty recalling what happened. For this reason, you should be careful with what information you share and the tone you use.

  • Remain calm and polite. Good manners can help get your claim off to the right start.
  • Identify the person you speak with. Before you discuss anything, get the name, address, and phone number of the caller and the name of the insurance company.
  • Set limits on conversations. From the beginning, make it clear that you will not be discussing much on the phone.
  • Give only limited personal information. You need only tell the adjuster your full name, address, phone number, and where and when the crash happened.
  • Refuse to give recorded statements. You have no legal obligation to be recorded. It’s against the law for an adjuster to record you without your permission.
  • Give no details of your injuries. You shouldn’t discuss injuries until you’ve met with a personal injury lawyer.
  • Don’t guess about who is at fault. Even if you think you’re to blame, you shouldn’t mention it.
  • Don’t sign anything. Never sign a release of your medical records. It could give the insurer access to more information than they are entitled to.
  • Don’t settle immediately. Adjusters may offer a settlement right away. Quick settlements save the insurance company work and money. Don’t take the bait.

Should I Hire a Lawyer Before Talking to an Insurance Company?

In most instances, it’s good to consult with a car accident lawyer before speaking with an insurance adjuster. A lawyer can shoulder the burden of negotiating with the insurance company and ensure that you do not say something that jeopardizes your claim.

If an adjuster calls before you’ve had time to meet with a lawyer, that’s OK. Simply tell the caller that you are seeking legal counsel before proceeding. If you’ve already engaged an attorney, simply give the name and phone number of the law firm to the adjuster.

One word of warning: You do need to notify your auto insurance company of the accident. Check your policy. Deadlines can vary, and you don’t want to miss out on compensation because you did not report the crash on time.

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