Drunk Driving Statistics in Alabama 2021

Drunk Driving Statistics in Alabama 2021

Car accidents are all too common and often deadly in Alabama. The problem is made worse when alcohol is involved. Disturbingly, statistics show that Alabama drivers are frequent offenders compared to other states.

If you find yourself seriously injured by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s important to act swiftly to protect your legal rights. Call or contact the Alabama personal injury team at Bence Law Firm for a free consultation.

How Serious Is Drunk Driving in Alabama?

Alabama has a drunk driving problem. In fact, a review of data reported in the News Courier indicates that Alabama has the fifth highest number of drunk driving deaths of any state in the nation —hardly a positive distinction.

The four states worse than Alabama were Wyoming, South Carolina, North Dakota and New Mexico.
Other studies support the frequency of alcohol-related fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 268 drunk-driving fatalities in Alabama in a recent year, which works out to be 5.49 fatalities per 100,000 Alabamians.

By NHTSA’s calculations, 1 in 3 fatalities in Alabama that year involved a driver who had a blood-alcohol concentration of .01. This is far lower than .08, which is the legal limit nationwide. This fact highlights that even light drinking can be a factor in fatal crashes.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently reported additional data for Alabama. Of 540 drivers killed in alcohol-related accidents in a single year, 317 had a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of greater than .08. This represents 59 percent of all alcohol-related accident fatalities in the state that year.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Injured by a Drunk Driver?

After being hurt in an accident, you may find it difficult to take an active role in what happens next. If possible, you should:

  • Call 911 right away, which will summon police and emergency medical services to the scene.
  • Determine if you or anyone else needs medical attention.
  • Try to drive your vehicle to a safe spot. If it’s not drivable, get out and find a safe place to wait for the police.
  • If the drunk driver attempts to flee the scene, get all the evidence you can.
  • Plan to see a doctor even if you don’t need urgent treatment. Some serious injuries aren’t immediately apparent.
  • Hire an Alabama drunk driving accident lawyer.
  • Don’t make statements to the other driver or the insurance company. All communications should be handled by your lawyer, who will protect your legal right to compensation for your injuries.
  • Don’t post on social media. Even seemingly innocent posts can be used against you.

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