What If I Cannot Afford a Personal Injury Attorney?

How Are Personal Injury Lawyers Paid in Alabama? Bence Law Firm

People who are involved in serious motor vehicle accidents in Alabama often contend with painful injuries, sky-high medical expenses, and the inability to work or live as they once did. Shouldering those burdens alone can seem like an impossible task. But an Alabama personal injury attorney can help if the accident was caused by someone else’s recklessness.

Accident victims often worry that they’re unable to afford a lawyer. However, hiring an attorney is more possible than most people think. In addition, a study from the Insurance Research Council found clients who work with a personal injury attorney receive, on average, a 3.5 times larger settlement than if they settled the claim on their own.

Another perk of working with a personal injury lawyer is that initial consultations are free. If you’ve been hurt in Phenix City or a surrounding area, call or contact Bence Law Firm LLC to schedule your case review, with no charge and no obligation.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for My Injury?

Anyone dealing with serious injuries and other accident-related setbacks can likely benefit from the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney.

After an accident, victims typically file a claim for compensation with the at-fault party’s insurance company. They will have to submit documentation of their injuries, lost wages, and other damages to an adjuster, who will review the evidence and make a settlement offer.

Here’s the truth: The first settlement offer will almost always be too low.

Personal injury attorneys have years of extensive training on how to fully investigate claims, anticipate and respond to potential challenges from the insurance company, and place an accurate value on a case. A lawyer will be able to research how similar cases have settled in the past and use those precedents to negotiate assertively for maximum compensation.

When at-fault parties have no insurance, insufficient insurance, or insurance providers who refuse to offer reasonable settlements, personal injury attorneys can also represent victims in court to demand fair compensation at trial. There are very specific procedural rules that must be followed in court — something that can be very hard for someone without legal training to learn or follow, especially when they’re hurt.

What If I Cannot Pay for a Personal Injury Attorney?

I Cannot Afford Lawyer - Bence Law FirmIf you’re like many clients who first come to Bence Law Firm LLC for help, you’re already asking yourself how to pay for an attorney.

First, please know that personal injury lawyers understand that potential clients are facing serious financial strain when they walk through the door.

As a result, most personal injury attorneys, including Bence Law Firm LLC, charge no upfront fees to begin working on your case. You won’t owe us a cent until we win compensation for you.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. When Attorney David Bence accepts a case, you can rest assured that he believes the case has a good chance of winning. He’s taking the financial risk, not you.

How Are Personal Injury Lawyers Paid?

The majority of personal injury lawyers get paid on a contingency fee basis. In contingency fee arrangements, clients agree ahead of time to pay their lawyers a fixed percentage of any compensation they win. Those funds are only paid if the lawyer obtains a successful recovery on the client’s behalf, either through an insurance settlement or trial verdict.

How Does a Contingency Fee Affect My Settlement?

Any contingency fees you pay will be calculated based on a percentage of the compensation you receive for your personal injury case.

Before your lawyer starts to work on your case, you will know exactly what that percentage will be. Although the amount of compensation you receive cannot be guaranteed, you can have confidence that only that percentage you agree upon will be deducted from your ultimate award.

Your personal injury lawyer will explain their contingency fee structure, how the payments you make will be calculated, and any other costs that may be deducted from your eventual settlement or trial verdict. It’s important to review and understand your contingency fee agreement before you sign it, since it represents a binding legal contract. A good attorney won’t mind if you ask questions, so don’t hesitate to speak up if you feel confused or uncertain.

How Can Bence Law Firm LLC Help Me?

At Bence Law Firm LLC, we believe in justice for all Alabamans regardless of their ability to pay. Our sole focus is on fighting for our clients’ rights and ensuring they have the best personal injury attorney in their corner.

If you’ve been injured in Phenix City or anywhere in Russell County, get David Bence on your side. There’s literally nothing to lose.

Call or contact us to speak to an Alabama personal injury lawyer now.