The penalties of a DUI/DWI prosecution can be severe, but you do have rights. Bence Law Firm, LLC represents first-time and repeat drunk driver offenders, and protects the rights of those charged with DUI/DWI.

When you are arrested for DUI/DWI, the majority of the evidence used against you will come from the arresting police officer. Testimony from the arresting police officer will include (1) Facts about the way you were driving, (2) Facts about you (i.e., the way you talked, was there alcohol or drug odor on your person, how you appeared, etc.), and (3) Your performance on the field sobriety tests and/or blood alcohol tests.

All the evidence against you must be defended and attacked. We will place the burden of proof on the prosecution and zealously work to get the charges you face minimized or dismissed by the court.

A DUI Lawyer will take the time to carefully review your case, and examine the alleged reasons you were pulled over; we will question whether the police officer had a reason to stop you and if there was probable cause; was the stop conducted properly; and whether the breath test and/or field sobriety test were administered correctly. We will ask questions. We will get answers.

Did the police officer or deputy sheriff have a legal reason to stop you?

If not, there is a good chance that we can suppress the evidence and get your case dismissed.

If the stop was proper, did the arresting officer accurately administer the field sobriety test?

We will try to show that arresting officer did not properly conduct the test.

Do they have video?

We will scrutinize the arresting officer’s own video and use any errors on his/her part to bolster our defense and negate the prosecution’s charges.

Considering that even your first DUI/DWI offense can cost you several thousand dollars in fines, court costs, higher insurance premiums, allotted time for community service, chemical dependency treatment, court-approved substance program, imprisonment and license reinstatement fees; the retaining of Bence Law Firm, LLC may turn out to be a great investment.

What Should I do if...

If someone else hurt me in a car wreck?

Motor vehicle crashes happen quickly, and when they do, the shock can cause confusion and anxiety.   Print this checklist and attach it to your insurance card and/or car registration so you will have the necessary steps to take if an accident occurs:

  1. Stop your vehicle.  Unless it is unsafe to you or others, do not move your vehicle.  The police will conduct an investigation and will need to diagram the collision scene detailing what happened including where and how the vehicles ended up.
  2. Notify the police regardless of whether anyone reports they are hurt.
    Make sure you inform the police of all events; report injuries, and any foul play such as drinking, drugs and/or texting.
  3. Do not apologize.  Apologizing can be used as an admission of guilt.  Save the apologies for a later date if needed.  Do not apologize at the scene.
  4. Collect Information from drivers, passengers, pedestrians and witnesses:
    Full names,
    Phone numbers,
    Make and model of cars,
    Insurance information,
    Name of persons to whom vehicle is registered
  5. Take photographs of vehicles, streets, skid marks, traffic control signs.  Nowadays, everyone has a Smart Phone- use it!!
    Also with your phone, secretly video record the aftermath of the collision.  The more evidence you have to show the scene, how others acted and behaved, and what was said: the better.
  6. 6.    Take notes about the how collision occurred
  7. Seek medical attention: it is common for injuries to manifest days after a collision, long after the adrenaline has stopped and the soreness starts.  Get treated early as a precautionary measure.
  8. Contact your Insurance agent and report the collision.
  9. 9.    Call Bence Law Firm at (334) 539-5000, or email David at

If I am trying to obtain disability benefits?

Whether you have yet to apply for disability benefits or have already been denied, we can assist with your Social Security disability claim. With years of service both working for the Administration (processing disability claims) and representing clients to obtain disability benefits, we know the process from beginning to end. We will alleviate the stress and confusion that accompanies the amount of paperwork involved when applying for disability. During difficult times such as those which require seeking this type of assistance, have someone on your side who understands your needs and the needs of the Administration. Call us for a free in-person consultation with an attorney.

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